Please see below the responses to frequently asked questions about Queensland state business migration.


Do I need to provide a business proposal if I want to set up a business in Queensland?


Yes, you are required to provide a business proposal. Please download the relevant business proposal from the Migration Queensland download page (note: this will be available once the program for FY21-22 opens).

What are some important business considerations to make prior to applying for the Business Innovation Stream (Subclass 188) Visa?


To be considered for nomination for a Business Innovation and Investment visa, you must first meet

the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs (HA) Immigration Eligibility Criteria 

In addition, you must meet Queensland state nomination criteria (to be advised when the FY21-22 business program opens).

Do I need to get state nomination for a business visa?


Yes. You must apply for state nomination first if you are applying for visa subclass 188, 888, or 405.

Do I need to select "Queensland" on SkillSelect if I want to be nominated by Queensland?


For Queensland state nomination, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) with SkillSelect.  Please ensure all information is included in your EOI. Choose Queensland as your preferred nominating state to be given preference over candidates selecting ‘ANY’ state.

How much does it cost to apply for state nomination?


There is a fee charge for each application and the fee is non-refundable. Please refer to the Migration Queensland Fee Schedule for further details.

What happens if I do not make a payment or there is a payment error when I submit my application?


You must make payment at the time that you submit your documents in order to have your application processed. If you do not make the payment at this time, your file will not be processed until we receive payment or it could be closed if a significant period of time has elapsed. You would then have to lodge a new EOI and resubmit your required documents.

If there has been an error when you have attempted to submit payment, click the back button at the bottom and try again to enter your details. If you are still having difficulties in submitting your payment please contact our office at

Most payment issues are because:

  • there is insufficient funds on the card.
  • the bank has stopped the payment because it is seen as a suspicious withdrawal. You will have to speak with the bank and ask them to let the fee go through.
  • you are using a Debit Card instead of a Credit Card.
What are the Migration Queensland processing times?


The usual processing time is approximately 10 business days from receipt of a completed application.

However, due to the popularity of the program and the significant number of EOIs Migration Queensland have received, processing times are longer than the usual 10 business days.

We will endeavour however,  to process your application as soon as possible and appreciate your patience during this busy processing period.

A complete application includes the processing fee, not just the documents.

How long do I have to submit my Migration Queensland required documents?


You are given 14 days to submit your required documents to Migration Queensland. If you are unable to provide all your documents for processing within the 14 days, you just need to contact your case officer and request an extension of time.

Can I submit a paper application?


For visa subclass 188: After an invitation is sent to you via email, all of your documents must be returned through Migration Queensland Online Document Portal as directed in the email. Paper applications are no longer accepted.

For visa subclass 405 or 888: you can register your contact details through the Migration Queensland website and a Migration Queensland staff member will contact you to advise you of the application requirements.

Do I need to submit all the supporting documentation for my application?


You should only submit the documentation required by Migration Queensland that is listed either on our website or in your invitation email requesting further information. Should additional documentation be required, Migration Queensland will contact you or your migration agent directly.

What happens if I have missed the 60 day deadline of submitting visa applications to the Department of Home Affairs through SkillSelect?


You should lodge your visa application to the Department of Home Affairs within 60 days after receiving Queensland Nomination. If you miss the nomination validation period, you may then be required to wait for six months to lodge a new EOI where an application fee will be charged again.

How long is state nomination valid for?


Subclass 188 visa nomination is valid for 60 days.

Subclass 888 visa nomination is valid for 90 days.

Subclass 405 visa nomination is valid for 12 months.

Does state nomination guarantee a visa grant?


No. State nomination does not guarantee a visa grant from the Department of Home Affairs. You must also meet all of the Department of Home Affairs visa requirements.

Can I change my proposed business or complying investment framework after being nominated by the Queensland Government?


Yes. If you are the visa holder of visa subclass 188 you can change your proposed business or complying investment. However, you must contact Migration Queensland via email at to seek formal approval prior to purchasing or starting the new business.

Can I move to Queensland if I currently have a state-nominated visa (subclass 132, or 188) from another state?


Yes, but only if the state or territory that nominated you originally agrees to release and transfer you. Please contact Migration Queensland via email at to detail your intentions.

Should I use a migration agent or solicitor?


It is not a compulsory to use a migration agent, however, migration agents and solicitors can assist with visa applications, legal matters and provide general information and it could mean less work and hassle for you.

You can find further information about registered migration agents on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) or Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) websites. You can find further information about solicitors on the Queensland Law Society website.