High quality medical and health services are available throughout Queensland and a great deal of information is available on the range of services in the State including hospitals, health insurance, children’s health and staying healthy. Staying healthy is more than just being physically fit.

It involves leading a balanced lifestyle that makes you happy. A big part of staying healthy involves eating healthy foods and exercising for both fitness and relaxation.

There is also a range of free health care services and programs available to Queensland residents, including help lines, vaccinations and clinics. Please note that some of these services may not be available for provisional visa holders.

Emergency services

It is important to be aware that if you are in an emergency in Queensland, or anywhere in Australia, you should telephone 000 for:

Calls to 000 (triple zero) are free. Be prepared to say your name, where you are, the telephone number you are calling from and the type of service you need. If you cannot speak English, first tell the operator what kind of help you need – say “Police”, “Ambulance” or “Fire” – and then say your language. You will be connected to an interpreter, so do not hang up. The interpreter will then help you talk to the police, ambulance or fire service. If you are using a home telephone, the emergency services can find your location automatically while the phone is being used, so stay on the phone.

More information is available about the 000 (triple zero) service (including languages other than English).

Important information