BSMQ supports migration agent partners through COVID-19 

Supporting key migration agent partners throughout the period of the COVID-19 pandemic is a  BSMpriority which will ensure strong relationships are maintained 

BSMQ’s Lin Han was invited by one of China’s biggest migration agents, the Austar Group, to deliver a webinar on 17 April 2020. There were over 130 Austarclient attendees, who were given updates on the current Queensland investment climate and BSMQ criteria as it currently stands.  

Lin touched on the COVID-19 impact on the Australian economy and contributed to a Q&A session. 

BSMQ and TIQ China offices continue to support key stakeholders to ensure that Queensland remains in focus internationally

Business migrant investment in the Queensland economy helps to grow Queensland’s economic competitiveness in the global markets and will be even more important in the post COVID19 environment where the Queensland economy will need reinvigoration.