Decision-ready applications – a BSMQ series


What to include in a Statement of Service

BSMQ Case Officers would like to see more decision-ready applications. The advantages of this is a faster turnaround time from invitation to nomination for the client, and less time spent organising additional requested documentation if what is first provided is not adequate.

Over the next few months we will be focusing on providing articles and seminars to assist registered migration agents and applicants to do this. We will be providing detailed information on documents that we see issues with, or confusion over what needs to be provided.

The first in the series is the Statement of Service, which must be provided when an applicant needs to show work experience as part of our criteria for 190 and 489 nominations.


So, what should be included in this document and what exactly is it?

This is a separate letter that needs to be written by an applicant’s employer on official company letterhead. It should include the date the letter was written and the full contact details of the employer at the bottom of the page – name, phone number and email address, and the letter should be signed by the employer.

Critically, the letter should include the following details:

  • The actual location and full address of the workplace
  • Dates – day/month/year the applicant started working for the employer at the above location. The letter should include an end date in the same format if applicant is no longer working for the employer or if still in the position it should state CURRENT.
  • Include the total number of months the applicant has been working for the employer
  • If the position is full-time, part-time or casual and the exact numbers of hours an applicant works per week.
  • The occupation title
  • If working a labour hire company, BSMQ requires the statement from the company they have been placed in (not the salary paying company)

Please note: a Statement of Service is not a contract or job offer, and these documents should be provided separately. The Statement of Service should be brief and only include the above information (ie no need to include tasks and duties – this is not a reference letter).