Migrants celebrate Lunar New Year across Queensland

Lunar New Year 2019

Communities across Queensland have welcomed in the Lunar New Year in extravagant celebrations and style.

In Brisbane over 3 000 people from 48 Chinese and other migrant communities took to the streets through King George Square for the grand parade on 9 February 2019.

Following this a Chinese government art troupe performed Festival of Spring in the Brisbane Convention Centre in Brisbane on 10 February. Highlights included an acrobat who balanced on multiple objects, and world class performances by traditional Chinese dancers and singers from ethnic groups.

Other Lunar New Year events were also celebrated across Queensland – in the Far North Queensland city of Innisfail, population 7,847, Queensland Business Migrant Mr Zhu, who owns and operates Spring Water manufacturing company ‘Rainforest Dew’ performed tai chi for spectators, a red Chinese dragon danced its way down the main street of Innisfail, and children took part in the delightful art of Chinese calligraphy.

The Year of the Pig has now officially begun – a pig represents luck, overall good fortune, wealth, honesty and general prosperity. BSMQ wishes everyone all the very best for the Lunar New Year 2019.