Your guide to migrating to Queensland: writing a commitment statement for skilled migrants

So you have an invitation from BSMQ to submit your documents in support of your Expression of Interest (EOI)?

One of the requirements for skilled migrants is the submission of a commitment statement to work and live in Queensland. This is a statement, written in your own words, of why you want to relocate or continue to live in Queensland. Follow the 3 tips below in order to ensure a successful commitment statement.


1. Before writing your statement, be sure to research the following:

  • Towns and regions in Queensland to settle in, including:
    • Employment (some occupations may be specialised and there may be less opportunities available depending on the location and current demand).
    • Climate
    • Health/medical services
    • Study/schooling options
    • Lifestyle
    • Facilities
    • Cost of living
  • And other relevant information to your circumstances.


2. We want to see:

  • a statement, in your own words, which outlines your personal reasons for wanting to migrate to a chosen region  and continue to live in Queensland, including:
    • Why Queensland?
    • Your preferred town/ region (including a postcode) and why?
    • If onshore, your life in Queensland, including work, study, and community involvement
    • Any other personal circumstances which are relevant to your application, such as future plans, employment, family, friends and home country situation.
  • As a guide, try to keep your statement to less than two pages. Please remember there is no set template on writing a commitment statement.


3. We don’t want to see:

  • Copy and pasting information from websites.
  • Quoting statistics.

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