Migration agents pick the 2019 market trends

Registered migration agents and solicitors from the migration profession shared their 2019 resolutions and predictions and offered some words of inspiration for the year ahead.

Registered Migration Agents and Education Agents from Education and Migration Services Australia.
Director and Registered Migration Agent – Shannon Semenikow pictured middle back, and Operations Manager and Registered Migration Agent – Siobhan Chisholm pictured middle front.


What is your top new year’s resolution for 2019?

‘To try and achieve a better work-life balance. I am hoping to achieve this through better time and work practices and managing my case load more efficiently.’

Jason Browne, Director and Registered Migration Agent MARN 1576529, Heenan & Browne Visa and Migration Services

‘On the professional side of things, my 2019 resolution is to aim is to seek new markets and use more creative, out-of-the box marketing initiatives to reach a wider client footprint.’

Ahmad Shady, Managing Director and Registered Migration Agent MARN 1575106, A2Z Consult Pty Ltd


What do you see as the biggest opportunities and challenges for the migration profession in 2019?

‘I am interested in how the concept of sending migrants to regional areas for longer periods will look. Agents should research areas and work with local councils to assist in helping migrants identify possible suitable locations to create a win-win for all involved.’

Siobhan Chisholm, Operations Manager and Registered Migration Agent MARN 1679938, Education and Migration Services Australia

‘The challenge for the migration profession is going to be to work collectively on ways to manage risk brought about by the radical changes in our environment, such as visa simplification and artificial intelligence.’

Leanne Stevens, Chief Executive Officer and Registered Migration Agent MARN 1171279, National Vice President, Migration Institute of Australia.


What words of inspiration or guidance could you offer others in the profession to achieve success in 2019?

‘The migration profession needs to focus more on supporting each other and work collaboratively. I try to live the words of Charles Dickens who once wrote, ‘No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another’.’

Vikas Jain, Director and Principal Solicitor, MARN 0958336, Wickham Lawyers

‘Learning to manage client expectations is a big aspect, and most importantly as a business woman it is learning to say no. There is something powerful in the word no.’

Kate White, Registered Migration Agent MARN 1683994, Alliance Migration

‘There are always new horizons, and even in times of turbulence there are opportunities.’

Shannon Semenikow, Director and Registered Migration Agent MARN 0701777, Education and Migration Services Australia


Thanks to you all for sharing your hopes and wishes for 2019. We look forward to a successful year ahead.

Migration agents celebrate the end of year
Registered Migration Agents and solicitors from Brisbane and surrounds above at Migration Agent get-together at Wickham Lawyers.
Director and Principal Solicitor – Vikas Jain pictured middle front.