Occupations removed from QSOL

Due to a high demand and quota being met for the following occupations, these occupations have been removed from QSOLs.

If your occupation has been removed, please do not submit an EOI as it will not be picked up.


Occupations removed from QSOL 12 March 2020


Onshore, (includes Queensland Postgraduate (Alumni)) and Offshore 

• Marketing Specialist ANZSCO 225113


• Finance Manager ANZSCO 132211


Occupations removed  from QSOL 25 November 2019


Onshore and Offshore -IT

ICT Business Analyst ANZSCO 261111

Systems Analyst ANZSCO 261112

Developer Programmer ANZSCO 261312

Software Engineer ANZSCO 261313

Software and Applications Programmers nec ANZSCO 261399

ICT Security Specialist ANZSCO 262112

Computer Network and Systems Engineer ANZSCO 263111

Analyst Programmer ANZSCO 261311


Onshore –Accounting

Accountant (General) ANZSCO 221111

Management Accountant ANZSCO 221112

Taxation Accountant ANZSCO 221113

External Auditor ANZSCO 221213

Internal Auditor ANZSCO 221214


Offshore -Engineering

Civil Engineer ANZSCO 233211

Mechanical Engineer ANZSCO 233512

Electrical Engineer ANZSCO 233311

Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914