Important information for Queensland skilled and business visa holders

Congratulations on being nominated by Queensland.

As a Queensland state nominated visa holder, you must advise BSMQ by email ( of your residential address and contact details once you are living in permanent accommodation and must continue to notify BSMQ of subsequent changes to your residential address and contact details during the period of your visa.

If you have any issues or questions about your visa conditions, BSMQ strongly recommends you seek the advice of a registered migration agent as to your circumstances.

Please also be aware of the following for your visa subclass:

Skilled visas

Skilled Nominated visa subclass 190 and visa subclass 489 holders

You must work and reside in Queensland for a period of at least two years from the date of your visa grant. You must also notify BSMQ by email when you commence employment or change address.

For visa subclass 489 holders, please remember that you and your dependants must live, work and study in a regional area while on this visa. Please see other general guidelines in our blog post. Visa subclass 489 holders must meet the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) requirements for the 887 visa in order to apply for permanent residency.

Business visas

Business Innovation and Investment visa subclass 188 holders

You must meet the DHA and BSMQ’s requirements to be considered for a subclass 888 permanent residency visa nomination. Please ensure you consider Queensland nomination timeframes when planning to lodge your DHA application.

Business Innovation – subclass 188

You must meet the relevant investment amount into a proposed business. Please advise BSMQ when your business is established and operational.

Business Investor – subclass 188

You must invest A$1.5 million into Queensland Treasury Corporation bonds for four years, and reside in Queensland for at least two years in the four years immediately before an application is made for a subclass 888 permanent residency visa nomination.

Significant Investor – subclass 188

The rules in force at the time you applied for your original subclass 188 visa in the Significant Investor stream will apply to you when your application for a subclass 888 visa is assessed.

You must have been in Australia as the holder of a provisional visa (subclass 188) in the Significant Investor stream or the Significant Investor extension stream for at least 40 days per year (calculated cumulatively) for the period of time you have held your provisional visa(s), or your spouse must have been in Australia for at least 180 days per year (calculated cumulatively) on the basis of the period of time the primary applicant has held their provisional visa(s).

Business Talent visa subclass 132 holders

Please be reminded that DHA and BSMQ will monitor your business and whether you are meeting your visa requirements at 24-month and 36-month intervals. BSMQ will also monitor whether you are meeting your commitment to the Queensland economy.

Extensions/ Renewals of visa

Please send an email ( to BSMQ to request and provide reasons for an extension/renewal of your visa. You will also need to provide us your full name, date of birth and current visa subclass. BSMQ will assess your current circumstances and make a decision as to whether you are eligible to apply for an extension/renewal. If you are eligible, we will send an email requesting further information. A processing fee will apply.

Business Innovation – subclass 188

You may only extend your visa once for another two years and you require Queensland approval.

Significant Investor – subclass 188

You may only extend your visa twice for two years at a time and you require Queensland approval.

Investor Retirement – subclass 405

If you hold this visa and would like to extend your stay in Queensland, you can apply for a subsequent renewal.