Are you looking to start a business or invest in Australia?

Migration Queensland believes in giving successful businesses and investors the opportunity to join our community and contribute our growing economy and great lifestyle. Queensland nominates business migrants in industries that are in demand, for both provisional visas and permanent residency, which allows you to invest or set up a business in Queensland.


What is state nomination?

State migration plans were introduced in Australia to allow individual states and territories to sponsor business migration applicants under a broad range of industries, in order to meet business and investment shortages within the state.

The state nominating body specifies which business and investments, the State of Queensland can nominate applicants under and specify the number of visas that will be granted as part of this program.


Who are we?

Migration Queensland is the state nominating body for the Queensland Government, and a business unit of Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ). In partnership with the Department of Home Affairs, Migration Queensland nominates successful skilled and businesses applicants under and specifies the number of visas that will be granted as part of this program.


Benefits of seeking state nomination

In order to be granted a business visa you must obtain state nomination. Nomination by the State of Queensland will provide:

As a Queensland business owner and investor you will enjoy:


Important information for all applicants

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