Going regional: Toowoomba won my heart

Hiking up Table Top Mountain in Toowoomba.


Name: Anerty Gomes

Nationality: Indian

Visa: Skilled Nominated (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

Occupation: Nutritionist


Building a new life in Queensland 

I worked as a Consultant Dietitian in various hospitals and in food industries before I moved to Australia. The diversity of the region and culture in Queensland attracted me and also the opportunities to serve community played a big part.

I am a lover of nature! Although, all over Australia is beautiful, Toowoomba won my heart because it’s scenic and lush green, and yet a suitable place to start my career. I also met my soulmate in this undeniably beautiful country and will be settling here in Australia, which I now call “My Home.” I am also looking forward to study my Masters in Dietetics in Queensland and work as a Dietitian.

If you are in Australia, then you are blessed in this country of abundance. Initially, things might not make sense and it will be difficult, but hang in there.  Be flexible, quick to learn new things, about people and its culture.  Everything will fall in place in due time.


Working in Queensland

Getting into the work force was my biggest challenge being on a regional visa. I wish I had known more about the job opportunities of region before moving to Queensland. I would encourage migrants looking for employment in Queensland to work hard, do not give up, and do not be afraid to start anew. Take any job that would pay you till you get the right job you are looking for.

I turned my difficulties into opportunities, stayed positive and worked hard to reach to a feeling of security and stability in my career and personal life. I am currently working as a food documentation coordinator/food supervisor and carer.

I enjoy working in Queensland because of the work culture and ethics. Employers here do care about their employees and respect family life. They are fair in their judgement no matter what ethnicity and background you come from. Queensland definitely pays you the wages you deserve and does give you a very good standard of living.


State nomination application process

Australia is a land of opportunities, thanks to the Australian Government. I researched my options and found the state nomination to be the best option for me. At the end of two years, it would qualify me for Permanent Residency (PR) and allow me to do what I always love doing, serve the community in Australia.

The application process was very simple and hassle free even though there is a lot of documentation required for the process. My advice is to read the Migration Queensland website. All information needed is provided on the site. Before starting the application process, collect all the documentation as per the given checklist ahead of time. I did use a migration agent initially but later completed the process on my own.

I am also very grateful to my case officer. He was extremely helpful and provided me with all the necessary details for my settlement in the new state.


Anerty Gomes
Out exploring together.
Toowoomba in autumn
Parks in Toowoomba.
Anerty in her backyard
Anerty in her backyard.
Anerty with friends
Out with friends.
Anerty Gomes
Toowoomba in autumn
Anerty in her backyard
Anerty with friends