A Postcard from Far North Queensland




Name: Changqun Ji

Nationality: China

Visa: Business Talent (Permanent) visa (subclass 132)

Business: Tourism and Property Development



In what business were you involved in before you moved to Australia?

I had interests across China in construction engineering, property development, new energy, tourism and hospitality.


Why did you choose to migrate your business to Queensland?

After meeting with a friend and business colleague, I heard about Queensland and the opportunities it presented. I did some thorough research and after many trips I made the decision to invest in the Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, and various holding at Laguna Quays in Queensland’s far north.

We chose Queensland due to its strong and growing economy, particularly in tourism. Its government departments are very supportive with pro-active investment policies and fast project approval processes. The state also offers well established and highly efficient infrastructure, and this is what sealed it for my company to do business in Queensland.

The Queensland Government is facilitating investment to revitalise existing infrastructure across the state through the Destination Q plan. Destination Q is a partnership between the Queensland Government and the tourism industry, recognising tourism as one of the four pillars of its economy.


What were your expectations of Queensland before you migrated? Were those expectations realised?

Australia has a solid reputation in China as a good place to do business, and after investing in several of Queensland’s tourism developments I can see why.


Which business ventures are you currently involved in?

I have expanded Fullshare’s Queensland portfolio, investing across the state’s regions in the Laguna Comprehensive Tourism Development in Mackay and Whisper Bay Luxury Waterfront Villas in Airlie Beach, both in regional Queensland’s central coast areas.

These resorts are currently going through some significant upgrades, refurbishments and construction, bringing them up to a modern standard suitable for international visitors. We’ve been through a significant phase of investment which was essential for us to be able to continue to provide high quality accommodation to visitors in Queensland.


What would be your advice to others considering business migration?

The Business Talent visa has given me certainty to continue investing in Queensland, and my family and I have been spending time in Queensland as we work on these property developments. In business it is essential to network, and the flexibility of this visa has allowed us to do this, helping us to find the local service providers we need as well as some future potential business colleagues.


What are your next steps and future plans?

It’s important we establish our existing interests first, but I am always on the lookout for the next big thing, and Queensland is where the big things are at.