Queensland offers everything. Sunshine, outdoor living, the outback, the coast, temperate and tropical climates – it is all here.



Queensland also has the fastest visa processing system in Australia and is actively promoting its skilled migration program.

Hamish Neish still cannot believe his luck.

Originally from a small town called Hawick in Scotland, Hamish is now living a lifestyle most people only dream of in Queensland, Australia.

After visiting the Sunshine State with his wife in 2004, Hamish made the decision to move away from the cold and enjoy a whole new life in one of Australia’s most desirable cities, Brisbane.

And it was easier than he thought.

Queensland has relaxed its visa requirements in recent years and boasts the fastest processing system in Australia.

As a registered nurse Hamish was eligible to apply for a skilled visa that also allows his family to migrate with him.

Rather than go through a migration agent, Hamish completed the application himself online and just 3 months later he had all the permission he needed to live and work in Australia.

“We saved ourselves a heap of money by doing the application ourselves and it really wasn’t very hard,” Hamish said.

His wife Kerry is a mental health nurse.

“We moved to Australia almost exactly a year after we started the visa process and found work immediately in the private hospital system”, he said.

The couple’s four year old son Fergus is also settling in to the new lifestyle easily.

“We just feel at home here, the landscapes are similar but the weather is so much better,” Hamish said.

The young family is revelling in the outdoor lifestyle, snorkelling with dolphins at Tangalooma, camping at Fraser Island and eating outdoors on the barbeque all year round.

“Nominating Queensland on your visa application can speed the process up by months and the State is actively encouraging skilled migration at the moment,” Hamish said.

“Australians work hard for their money but they also like to play hard on their days off so I’m having a ball”.

The couple now plans to apply for Australian citizenship.

“My wife misses her family sometimes but they come over here for their holidays now so it’s all working out really well,” Hamish said.

“It’s almost the perfect work life balance.”