Jinguo Han and Family



Name: Jinguo Han

Nationality: China

Business: Food and Agribusiness


In what business were you involved in before you moved to Australia?

I ran a company in the food business in China for 18 years before I moved to Australia. We decided to migrate here because I had heard about the quality education system and we were looking for a positive academic environment for our son.


Why did you choose to migrate your business to Queensland?

Queensland is also the second-largest and third-most populated state in Australia. From a business point of view, we chose to migrate here because of Queensland’s well developed agricultural industry. It’s particularly well-known for its bananas, pineapples, peanuts, a wide variety of other tropical and temperate fruit and vegetables, grain crops, wineries, cattle raising, cotton, sugarcane and wool.

But most importantly, I chose Queensland as because I had been here before and was deeply impressed by the beautiful environment and fresh air, which makes for a great lifestyle. Queensland is a great place to live as it’s not so busy, even in the big cities. The most positive aspect of living in Queensland is being able to enjoy the natural beauty and living a simple and comfortable life. We were also attracted by its tourism industry with millions of interstate and overseas visitors flocking to the Sunshine State each year. We love travelling around the state during our holidays.


What were your expectations of Queensland before you migrated? Were those expectations realised?

We’ve been in Queensland for 7 years now. Before I migrated to Queensland, I expected to create a healthy living environment for my son. My expectations were realised with the support of friends, professional consultants as well as my own efforts in English studying and working.


What were the biggest challenges?

The biggest challenges were language and deciphering the local laws and legal documentation.


What were your greatest achievements?

The greatest achievements were having my family and friends come to Australia to visit, study and some of them also migrated. I established my own business and my son got married in Melbourne last year.


Which business ventures are you currently involved in?

I am still in the food industry, exporting beef, seafood, wine and olive oil to China and have been spending a lot of time developing new customers.


What do you enjoy most about doing business/working in Queensland?

Queensland is a great location for anyone in the agricultural business which is linked to my food business. Meanwhile, the businessmen here are very nice and reliable, and I made lots of friends in business and create my own business circle.


What are the most positive aspects of living in Queensland?

I am used to the climate in Queensland with a nice temperature. I also like the fresh air and beautiful nature, especially the coastal area.


What would be your advice to others considering business migration?

My advice for them is to study English as early as possible, understand the local laws and regulations, and consult with state government officials. Also make friends with local people and come to professional people if you encounter difficulties.


What are your next steps and future plans?

My future plans are to keep expanding the sales market and developing more customers for chilled beef products in the Northern China market.