From South America to Central Queensland: First steps and experiences in building a new life



Name: Julio Cegarra Figueroa

Nationality: Venezuelan

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer


Why did you choose to move to Queensland?

At that time, it was primarily driven by a once in a lifetime career opportunity.


How are you enjoying life so far in Queensland?

So far so good! It is an absolute privilege for us to create a life in this state.


Where do you live? Why did you choose this location?

We are currently living on the Capricorn Coast, Central Queensland. My professional career path was the main reason to move here.


How did your family settle in?

My flock has adapted very well. It really is a great place to raise a new family.


What do you like best about living in your area?


What travel have you done since you arrived?

We just love going to the beach!


What do you enjoy most about working in Queensland?

Queenslanders — they always make me laugh with their ‘spontaneous witticism’ and Aussie slang.


Have there been any challenges?

The company I am working with is very multicultural by all means. As a professional I have had to adjust to different people coming from all over the world in order to achieve common goals. The language barrier has been one of the most difficult issues for me to get over because of my personality — I am a perfectionist!


What are your next steps and future plans?

Permanent Residency is just the tip of the iceberg. We want to become Australian Citizens and embrace our new identity proudly.


What advice would you give to others considering state nomination?

Being nominated by Migration Queensland is an honour. Make it worthwhile. Do not waste your migration officer’s time, by ensuring you have all the information required for a successful application.