Ngoc Bao Ahn Cai and family



Name: Ngoc Bao Ahn Cai

Nationality: Vietnamese

Visa: Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190)

Occupation: Aquaculture Farmer

Family: Wife and son


In which region of Queensland did you migrate to?

At first, we settled in Townsville. After that, we moved up to Far North Queensland, to the city of Cairns, where both my wife and I have full time jobs and a great school for my son.


Why did you choose this location?

We decided to settle in Townsville at first because we have friends there. They encouraged us to apply for the visa to build up our new life in Australia and they helped us during the early period of settlement to look for accommodation. Subsequently I was employed by Gold Coast Aquaculture Pty Ltd, of which the second branch is located is Mossman. We moved here so that my wife could have a better job and I could spend more time with the family.


What were you doing before you moved to Australia?

I was a university lecturer in Vietnam. In addition, I operated my own aquaculture hatchery producing marine fish fingerlings.


Why did you decide to come here?

There were several reasons for moving to Australia, and particularly to Queensland. Firstly, we always thought about the better future for the next generation. I had obviously realised that Australia is one of the best countries in terms of education and equal opportunities for all people to study and work. Secondly, according to the information provided by our colleagues and friends, there is a high demand in the labour force for aquaculture, in which I am specialised. Indeed, I was given very good opportunities to develop my career since moving to Queensland.


Why did you choose Queensland?

When I was seeking the visa to Australia by the State/Territories Nomination Scheme, I found that I could satisfy the visa requirements for Queensland and/or the Northern Territory. I compared the living and working opportunities for me and my wife. In terms of education, I think they are similar. However, the difference is on job opportunities for me. I particularly love aquaculture and prawn farming. I contacted and applied for jobs to the aquaculture companies and received optimistic responses from Queensland companies. Two Queensland prawn farms were willing to give me the job offers in the case I got the visa to come. That is the main reason why I decided to choose Queensland as the destination.


What were the biggest challenges?

Moving the whole family to a new location is an actual challenge for most people. I was trained not only in Vietnam but other Western countries, including Norway and England. Therefore, I did not have any problems after moving to Australia. The biggest challenge is for my wife and son in terms of English communication. Fortunately, my son quickly got accustomed to the new lifestyle and made new friends easily at school. My wife’s English has improved a lot since the took part in the Adult Migration English Program.


What were the greatest successes?

The first success we got in Australia is the great schooling results of our son. The second one is the betterment in my career. I am currently a senior technician in my company.


How did you find out about and why did you choose the State Nomination visa?

I followed the instructions on the website of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to choose the right type of visa for my situation. I found that there are two options for a skilled worker to get a visa. They include the subclass 457 visa sponsored by Australian companies and the subclass 189 and 190 visas sponsored by the States/Territories.

I applied offshore for a job in Australia and realised that many companies required that the applicant should have the permission to live and work in Australia before they could give a job offer. Actually, I was able to get more opportunities to work with a State Nomination visa.


What was your experience with the application process? Any advice?

Easy, thanks to the clear instructions on the DIBP and Migration Queensland websites when I applied for the visa. I always strictly followed the instructions and tried to satisfy any requirements within the deadline. In order to be processed smoothly, I tried to collect all related documents, send them electronically and saved them in different folders by topic/issue.


What are the most positive aspects of living in Queensland?

There are several positive aspects of living in Queensland. Firstly, the location is set in a subtropical and tropical climate with approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. The climate conditions are not only ideal for human living but also excellent for aquatic animals. That is the reason why aquaculture farmers like me prefer to live in Queensland. Secondly, one of the special products of Queensland is fruit. Many kinds of tropical fruit are available all year round in Queensland and the price is quite cheap compared with other states/territories in Australia. Another positive aspect is that living in Queensland is not only for working but also enjoying the lifestyle. People can choose holiday destinations from beaches to hinterland, according to their lifestyles. The last reason but not least, for us to love the life in Queensland is that my son could get an excellent education.


Advice to others considering State Nomination?

Definitely, I always suggest to my friends and people who are seeking the visa to Australia, to choose Queensland as the preferred destination.


What are your next steps and future plans?

In the short-term plan, I am going to keep up my career at the current company. For the long-term plan, I wish to establish a new model of fish culture, called the zero-discharge aquaponic system.



Name: Thi Thu Oanh Ngyuen

Relationship: Wife


What job are you doing?

I am a licensed Nail Care Artist. My qualifications are approved by Sydney Nail Training School. I am working full-time at a ProfessioNail studio.


What travel have you done since you arrived?

Since we arrived in Australia, we have travelled interstate and within Queensland as well. We spent a ten-day holiday visiting my uncle in Melbourne during the last school holiday. Far North Queensland is a tropical area and there are plenty of places of interest, from beaches to hinterlands for weekend activities. My family and I have made uncountable journeys to the beaches along the coast of Far North Queensland, such as Townsville, Cardwell, Mission Beach, Innisfail and Cairns. In particular, the most remote destination in Queensland I have been is Cooktown, where my husband investigated a potential location for mud crab farming. In addition, we have also visited Mareeba, a small town on the Atherton Tableland and relaxed with local tea and coffee. We are sure to keep going to enjoy the beautiful landscaped in our region.


What do you enjoy most about working in Queensland?

The most impressive thing for me about working in Queensland is the very friendly environment. I always feel at ease to communicate with people and everybody is ready to share ideas together at all times. While working in Queensland, I can improve my English which helps me understand more about the wonderful culture and hospitable people in Queensland.


How are you enjoying life in Queensland so far?

I can definitely affirm that my family and I love this new life so much. We have really appreciated the way the Australian people behave towards each other, especially towards the newcomers like us. We have also made a plan to build our dream house after obtaining the new visa for working and living permanently in Queensland.